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Redefine visitor and tenant interactions, integrate seamless communication, enhance engagement, and efficient facility management. Elevate your property’s appeal and operational excellence, attracting more visitors and boosting tenant satisfaction with a smart, interconnected digital environment tailored to the dynamic needs of modern retail spaces.

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Enhanced Customer Engagement

Transform your shopping center into a hub of customer interaction with Arii. Utilize our advanced features like AI-powered language translation and interactive Digital Twins to engage visitors and guide them through their shopping experience. Increase foot traffic and customer loyalty by offering a personalized and immersive digital journey that connects consumers with their favorite stores and exclusive deals.

Optimized Facility Management

Optimize the management of your shopping center facilities with the power of Arii. Our platform not only simplifies daily operations but also provides critical insights into facility usage and maintenance needs. Monitor and manage your space effectively, ensuring a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for all tenants and visitors. Leverage Arii to stay ahead in facility management and make data-driven decisions that enhance your property’s value and appeal.

Streamlined Tenant Communication

Revolutionize how you manage communications within your shopping center with Arii. Our platform facilitates seamless interactions between management and tenants, ensuring that messages, updates, and critical information are exchanged efficiently and without delay. Enhance your operational efficiency and keep tenants satisfied with a superior communication system designed for modern retail environments.


Faster Response Times

Speed up every client interaction with ConnectPro on our mobile app


More Leads Captured

Capture and convert leads effectively with your guided user journey


Reduction in paperwork

Online tools to streamline administrative tasks and save time


Higher Client Retention

Intuitive self-serve and quick response times keep clients satisfied and loyal

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