Attention Shopping Centres: Discover the Key to Attracting Millennials with Digital Customer Service!

Corry van den Brink
Founder & CEO

Hello, and welcome to our discussion about millennials and digital customer service in shopping centres. It's an exciting world where the energy of bustling shopping centres meets the precision of stellar digital customer service. Intrigued? Then let's jump right into it!

Decoding Millennials: A Digital-Savvy Consumer Profile

Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996, are an attractive demographic. As a proud member, I can attest that we're a unique mix. Tech-enthusiasts, perpetually connected, and fast-paced, we've grown up with the internet and it has moulded us in fascinating ways.

Here's a story about my friend, Sam. He's your quintessential millennial who loves shopping centres. Simultaneously, he greatly values his time and won't hesitate to seek digital solutions for his concerns. This blend of physical and digital experiences drives millennial engagement with digital customer service in shopping centres.

Digital Customer Service in Shopping Centres: A Millennial Magnet

For millennials, convenience is king and digital customer service is the crown. We're talking about quick assistance, easily accessible information, and communication that feels like it's made just for us. And the retail world has been paying attention.

Shopping centres, right here in our city and around the world, have tapped into software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools, mobile apps, and social media to create an irresistible pull for millennials. Take Sam, for example. He already uses online digital mapping services to navigate to his favourite stores, shopping centre inventory search features to check product availability, messenger to communicate with the Guest Services teams when he requires assistance, and apps like Uber to book his transportation. That's millennials and digital solutions in shopping centres at its finest!

Why Millennials Love Stellar Digital Customer Service in Shopping Centres

The power of digital customer service goes beyond just technology - it's about enriching the shopping experience in its entirety. How does it manage to captivate millennials? Let's delve into that:

Convenience and Time-saving

Remember the days of standing in line to get answers? Those are in the past. For millennials like Sam and me, digital customer service in shopping centres equates to solving problems at the touch of a button, saving us time to enjoy our shopping spree.

Real-time Support and Solutions

Instant gratification is a characteristic deeply ingrained in millennials. When Sam had a centre-related question, Guest Services support via messenger came to his rescue. That's the power of real-time support provided by digital customer service in shopping centres.

Personalized Interaction and Offers

Millennials appreciate a personal touch. Last Christmas, Sam received personalized offers from his favourite stores - a feat made possible by digital customer service in shopping centres, harnessing data to craft an experience unique to each shopper.

Leveraging Digital Customer Service in Shopping Centres for Millennial Shoppers

As retail trends shift, digital customer service becomes a strategic asset. Here's how shopping centres can harness their power to attract millennials:

Embrace Technology

Millennials have a love affair with technology. Augment the shopping experience with technology - think AR for virtual product trials, mobile apps for easy navigation, AI chatbots for seamless customer service. The sky's the limit!

Train Your Staff

Empower your staff with technology to provide excellent service. As a millennial, I love a well-informed chat with a real employee, especially when digital support is at hand to enhance the experience.

Harness SaaS Solutions

Companies like Arii offer SaaS solutions that are designed to enhance digital customer service in shopping centres, creating a digital ecosystem that not only delights millennial customers but also streamlines operations.

Future of Shopping Centres: Millennials' Dream Blend of Physical Shopping and Digital Customer Service

Millennials envision a future where shopping centres seamlessly blend physical experiences with digital customer service. Imagine walking into a mall where you have access to a personal concierge on your mobile device. By scanning a QR code you have access to directions, product info and inventory, a personal stylist, and someone who can help you book dinner reservations. This is the future millennials and digital customer service teams in shopping centres are excited about!


So here's the takeaway: millennials are passionate about shopping centres that offer top-notch digital customer service. It caters to our desire for convenience, real-time solutions, and personalization. Remember, the goal is not just to deploy the latest tech but to craft an engaging, delightful, and memorable customer journey.

If you're in the shopping centre industry, consider the immense potential of digital customer service. Innovate, offer unique experiences, and give your customers service that will make them return.

Are you ready to leap into the digital future of shopping centres? Keen to offer your millennial customers an exceptional digital customer service experience? Connect with Arii today! We are experts at helping create digitally-enhanced shopping experiences that millennials will fall in love with. The future is digital, and it's time to embrace it!

May 1, 2024